20 12, 2017

Q: Can I make some change during the production?

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A: You can change if we have just finished paper patterns and print sample. Can’t change if we finished cutting, sublimation printing and sewing which wasting and cost will be incurred. Need to contact your Hoysports service who you deal with.

20 12, 2017

Q: What’s the sample cost? Can be refunded or not?

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A:The sample cost is USD$50-100 per piece/set. Sample fee can be refunded after getting your bulk orders . PS: The best way is supply one or two free stock sample for your checking quality and artwork, which you only need to pay for the shipping cost.

20 12, 2017

Q: What’s your order process?

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A: Step1: Confirm the order details (design, art-work, material, quantity, size etc)     Step 2: Pay the deposit     Step 3: Start production     Step 4: Finish production and quality checking     Step 5: Arrange the balance     Step 6: Ship out goods and provide tracking number     Step 7: Receive the goods     Step 8: Give feedback (in order to improve our production and service)